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Heroes San Diego has grown to be San Diego’s #1 Resource & Savings Program in a community-minded effort to provide educational seminars, webinars and rebates for Heroes who are buying and selling a home.
Heroes San Diego founder, Johnny Perez, an active Real Estate Broker for over 18 years noticed the lack of education in the real estate field for consumers. He heard and witnessed first hand too many stories of Heroes getting taken advantage of and put in the wrong loan programs. With all the myths and misconceptions in buying and selling a home he felt it was necessary to create a program that would provide FREE workshops, webinars and seminars while giving back to the community of Heroes by way of savings and rebates.
This is Why Heroes San Diego was created. We encourage you to learn how to build wealth through real estate and achieve the American Dream of Homeownership. We are here to help you through the journey of buying and selling your home.
We want to give back to our community of Heroes and Say Thank YOU.

Heroes Star, Inc. – Heroes San Diego
1501 India Street Suite 103-155
San Diego, CA 92101

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