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Heroes San Diego was founded with a clear vision, to thank the heroes in our community whose service makes a difference in other people’s lives. As real estate experts, we want to help our heroes get the maximum benefits when it comes to buying or selling a home.

We believe that we owe our heroes something special and want to give back to them both financially and with education. Our savings and resource programs help you save more and increase your wealth through real estate investments.

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Heroes San Diego has specific programs developed for military personnel as well. We help Active Military, retired Military, Veterans, and Reservists by providing VA workshops, seminars, and webinar. By attending our events, we will educate you on the various policies and rebates that help you save money throughout the real estate transaction. If you are active or retired from Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, Navy, Marines, and Army we are here to assist you. Sign up for our free upcoming webinar today.


At Heroes San Diego, we thank our firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and first responders by increasing your savings while buying or selling. We conduct seminars, workshops, and webinars exclusively for firefighters to educate you on the many benefits available to you. Our team is always here to guide you on home buying, home selling, and refinancing your home. The Heroes San Diego rebate gives back on average $2500 per transaction. If you are working with the San Diego County Fire, city fire Departments, or you are retired from the fire department, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Law Enforcement

We provide webinars, seminars, and workshops for law enforcement professionals which are aimed at improving your savings within real estate transactions. Our law enforcement individuals include police officers, sheriffs, correctional officers, border patrol, detectives, US customs, etc. If you are someone working with the San Diego PD, Chula Vista PD or with any other local, state, or federal law enforcement, our experts are here to assist you in building wealth through real estate. No matter if you are currently an active force or retired from service, we are always available to you.


If you are a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or anyone else in the community of healthcare professionals, we would like to welcome you to join us in one of our free workshops, seminars, or Zoom webinars. These events explain the best ways to utilize the available benefits and save money while purchasing a home. We have access to grants and down payment assistance programs that allow you to save considerably within real estate.


Heroes San Diego conducts seminars, workshops and webinars aimed at helping teachers utilize the various benefits available to them. We have access to down payment assistance programs and grants to help you qualify for your dream home. We work with teachers of Pre-K, K-12, professors, school administrators, and other teaching staff while they buy, sell, or refinance their homes.

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    Retired Military

    Hero closes escrow just in time for their newest addition to the family!

    Quinton and Wife

    Active Navy

    Military family gets keys to their new home and their Heroes San Diego Rebate Check!

    Julio and Wife

    Active Military

    Active military couple each uses their entitlements and purchased their dream home together! Their mortgage payment is actually cheaper than rent!

    Mike and Wife

    Military Veterans

    San Diego Military Veteran purchases new home with Zero down and receives rebate from Heroes San Diego!

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