Save big on a home purchase for Law Enforcement Personnel

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in making our lives better with their skills, bravery, and patience. We want to thank our law enforcement personnel for the great service they provide to our community every day. Our way of giving back to these individuals is by providing cost saving resources and assisting them in their real estate transactions. Qualifying heroes include officers, agencies, and employees who are in charge of ensuring public safety, maintaining public order, and enforcing the law.

At Heroes San Diego, we have developed special savings and rebate programs exclusive to law enforcement personnel. With our dedicated services, we have grown to be the top-rated team in assisting the San Diego Police and all local agencies with their real estate needs. If you are working within local, state, or federal departments of law enforcement, allow us to assist you in achieving your dream of homeownership.

    How we can assist you?

    Heroes San Diego is committed to helping our law enforcement heroes increase their wealth through real estate investments. We help you make informed decisions while purchasing, selling, or refinancing your home. Our programs include free weekly workshops, seminars, and webinars in which our real estate experts explain the various processes, rebates, and other offers available for law enforcement personnel.

    Our programs help you save thousands of dollars while purchasing a home. If you are living in San Diego or relocating to another city, we can help you in your journey of owning your dream home. We understand the various pain points in the process of buying a home and why we work closely with you to ensure the process is quick and stress-free.

    We work with law enforcement personnel who are currently active in the force as well as those who have taken retirement from service. Those individuals includes police, swat, border patrol, detectives, and people who work in the administrative section of the local, state, or federal offices.

    Heroes San Diego Savings Program

    Heroes San Diego Savings Program allows law enforcement personnel to benefit from the  rebates available regardless of being first home buyer or purchasing you second home. On average, you can receive a $2500 rebate when purchasing a home. This is our way of giving back and saying thank you for the great service you provide to our community. We have given away rebates to many individuals working in this field, including those who are with San Diego Police Department, Oceanside Police Department, Carlsbad PD, US Customs, San Diego Sheriff and Chula Vista PD.

    Call us today to join our community

    When you need a reliable San Diego police real estate guide with experience, you can rely on our team. We are a call away to assist you in every step of the process, and answer your real estate, provide helpful tips to improve your savings, and much more. We are here to provide guidance and insight on the current real estate market.

    There is no obligation and our services are free to you when purchasing a home. We look forward to hearing from you.


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    “Thank You HSD for helping us find our perfect home and walking us through the entire process. We saved a lot of money using your program.”


    Police Officer
    Man standing in front of a home, wearing his police uniform and holding a sign that says sold with the O as a happy face.

    “Thank you to the Heroes Program for a quick and smooth buying process. Your program answered all of my questions and we found the perfect home for me fast!”


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    First Time Homebuyer

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