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Heroes San Diego is the number one resource, educational and savings program. Dedicated to providing education, workshops, webinars, and seminars, Heroes SD will help you buy a home! Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers all qualify as Heroes! And guess what? We are now nationwide! You can sign up for our free workshops on our website to begin. Today we will talk about some commonly asked real estate questions from home sellers and buyers, as well as the answers regarding them.

Who started Heroes San Diego?

The Founder of Heroes San Diego, Johnny Perez, is an active Real Estate Broker. He has been in the field for over 19 years. Through his passion with real estate, helping people achieve their lifelong goals, and the drive to provide CORRECT information, he felt it necessary to create this program. With Heroes SD, he is able to provide free service to our Heroes, and give back through the rebate program.

Commonly asked Real Estate Questions from Home Sellers

How should I prepare my house before selling it?

First impressions really matter, especially in real estate! People that will be walking through the house, or a virtual tour, will be looking for ways to ether pass or negotiate on the price. Making sure that the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system all work properly. Each of the rooms in the house should look clean and presentable, without clutter. No insignificant damage should be in sight.

Should I order a home inspection?

It’s never a bad idea to get a pre-sale home inspection. This will help you get the best price for your home! Some homebuyers feel uncomfortable purchasing a house without a home inspection. Certain buyers will hire their own inspector.

How long does it take to sell my home?

As soon as the house is on the market, it can take anywhere from four to six weeks to sell. However, if the market is “hot”, a seller could see their house go off the market in one week! Sometimes if there is an interlude in the market, or some issues such as negotiation or house conditions, then the house could potentially be on the market for months.

Are real estate prices negotiable?

Yes! Honestly, there is normally a difference between a home’s listing price and what it will actually sell for. The current market’s saturation will determine how much room there is for negotiation.

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Real Estate Questions to Expect from Home Buyers

What is the first step in buying a home?

The first step is to get approved for a mortgage. If you have not been approved for a mortgage, it will be very difficult or almost impossible to purchase a new home.

Should I sell my current property before buying a new one?

This really depends on the home buyers funds. If you need more equity to purchase a new home or meet a mortgage plan, then it’s best to sell your current home before purchasing a new one.

Should I do a home inspection?

Yes! This is very important when buying a property. A professional inspector knows what to look out for, and how well the house was cared for. The home inspector will really help you determine the value of the home.

What happens if I decide to back out of buying a house?

If you are having second thoughts and have decided to go in a different direction, that is totally fine!

What is a mortgage and how does it work?

A mortgage is a loan in order to finance a property. Most people do not have the means to give the total amount of money that a house costs. A mortgage is a secure loan that comes with a fixed interest rate and gets paid off somewhere between 15-30 years.


We hope that some of these questions and answers have helped you better understand the basics of real estate. If you would like to learn more, sign up for one of our webinars! Our VA Homebuyer webinar is held live via zoom every Wednesday at 6pm.

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