Founder of Heroes San Diego

Heroes San Diego has grown to be San Diego’s #1 Resource & Savings Program in a community-minded effort to provide educational seminars, webinars and rebates for Heroes who are buying and selling a home. As seen on FOX and Lifestyles of San Diego. We help Heroes obtain rebates when buying and selling a home. Qualifying Heroes include Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers. Now that we have expanded Nationwide, all Heroes will have access to our services, all across the U.S.

Founder of Heroes SD

Founder of Heroes San Diego, Johnny Perez, an active Real Estate Broker for over 19 years noticed the lack of education in the real estate field for consumers. He heard and witnessed first hand too many stories of Heroes getting taken advantage of and put in the wrong loan programs. With all the myths and misconceptions in buying and selling a home he felt it was necessary to create a program that would provide FREE workshops, webinars and seminars while giving back to the community of Heroes by way of savings and rebates. This is why Heroes San Diego was created.

Founder Johnny Perez

Founder of Heroes SD

Johnny is originally from CA and grew up in the Inland Empire, Southern CA. He has been actively selling real estate for the past 19 years. He has served on numerous non-profit boards and helps local charities. Johnny’s hobbies include golf, snowboarding sailing and traveling!

Mr. Perez also travels to do speaking engagements and is a great host. He has interviewed CEO’s of major Fortune 500 companies that include Robert Refkin, Ryan Schneider, Ryan Gorman, Celebrities from Tim Storey, Troy McClain to the Altman Brothers Josh and Matt Altman from Bravo TV Million Dollar Listing LA, Jordan Cohan NBA celebrity real estate agent and the New York billionaire real estate agent Dolly Lenz. Johnny enjoys giving seminars and teaching others how to build generational wealth through real estate. He also has been featured on FOX, Lifestyles of San Diego and the San Diego Tribune.


Founder of Heroes SD

Johnny says in 2020 he was able to give away over $75,000 in Rebates to Heroes to who purchased homes. That’s $75,000 of commission given away, the largest amount given from any Real Estate Broker. Did you know the rebate is tax free? Learn more about our rebate here!

We encourage you to learn how to build wealth through real estate and achieve the ‘American Dream’ of Homeownership. We are here to help you through the journey of buying and selling your home.

Buying a home

Founder of Heroes SD

There are many advantages to buying a home. Owning your own property, stability and emotional security, and pride of ownership are just a few examples. It is also a smart investment in yourself. Most people have the goal of purchasing a home. Don’t know where to get started? The idea of purchasing a home is too stressful? We are here to help and assist those that are unsure, and need our guidance. Heroes San Diego will be there for you from the first day, to the last. If you decide to sell your home or purchase another one, we are here to help with that too! Our round-the-clock service takes the weight off your shoulders, and makes things easy.

Founder of Heroes SD

Heroes San Diego wants to give back to our community of Heroes and Say Thank YOU. In this day in age, having a home can be cheaper or the same price as paying rent! It is very fulfilling to see the happiness it brings a family, individual, or couple when they purchase their first home. Now that you have learned a bit more about the Founder of Heroes San Diego, maybe you will feel confident in working together!

Mr. Perez is excited to now announce the expansion of HSD. HSD is now a nationwide program. You can take the program with you to any city or state. He encourages you to join one of our free webinars and learn how to become a homeowner. Sign up for our free Webinars today!

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