Military Combat Veteran Purchases First Home

October 6, 2021by Heroes San Diego0
Heroes San Diego is San Diego’s #1 resource, educational and savings program. We are dedicated to providing education through workshops, webinars and seminars. We help Heroes obtain rebates when buying and selling a home. Qualifying Heroes include Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers. Today, we are going to share one of our recent closings : Military Combat Veteran Purchases First Home.

Military Combat Veteran Served in Afghanistan & Purchases her first home

This Military Combat Veteran Served in Afghanistan. After speaking with several different agents and looking at other programs, she knew that Heroes San Diego was the real deal. She knew that this was not a scam! Heroes San Diego held her hand throughout the entire home buying process. Buying a home was even more important to her as she just found out her nephew escaped without his family from Afghanistan. Her nephew will be living with her until his parents can get out.
This lovely Veteran joined us for the VA webinar and immediately called in to get qualified. We paired her up with the Johnny Perez Team and they found her the perfect home. Her bid beat out the other offers and she won the home! Closing escrow was extra special and hit close to home due to the circumstances. We purchased this home from Zillow, and she said without an agent representing her Zillow, she would have been taken advantage of. She got a great deal and her agent negotiated extra concessions from the Zillow seller. Her home buying experience was extremely pleasant.

Heroes San Diego Weekly Webinars

Here at Heroes San Diego, we offer weekly webinars every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time! If you are are hero that is curious about purchasing a home, would like more information, or simply just access to helpful resources, then we highly recommend signing up! The classes are free, and made to specifically give back to our heroes. We want to help you utilize your benefits to their greatest potential, and make the home buying process simple and stress-free.
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We are Nationwide!

Don’t let the name, “San Diego”, discourage you. Heroes San Diego is now nationwide! This means our resources extend throughout the entire United States. We offer round the clock help, in order to get you everything that you need. Many people become intimidated, or nervous about the home buying process. Which is completely understandable! It’s not something that we learn in school. On top of that, being a hero, you have different benefits that you may be able to take advantage of. We will literally help you from start to finish in buying a home.
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3 Reasons to Purchase a Home

There are many reasons to purchase a home, but here are 3 main reasons on the benefits of purchasing a home!
1. You own a home! This one is pretty obvious. Having a home or property is a huge asset. It’s basically an investment. You can sell it down the line if you would like, and even make a profit from it! It’s always nice to know that your monthly mortgage is going toward YOUR future, rather than paying rent to someone else.
2. You can make the home yours. Owning a home is wonderful, because it is truly all yours. You can remodel it, or do anything you would like in order to make it your own unique home.
3. Purchasing a home lets you put down roots. If you are ready to have a family, and get to know a community closely, then buying a home is probably a great fit for you! This allows you to choose a neighborhood you would like to raise your children in, near good schools. It also allows you to become long term friends with neighbors, and really enjoy a place.
You can sign up online at or register on Facebook under Heroes San Diego. We hope you enjoyed reading about our recent closing, Military Combat Veteran Purchases First Home. Please comment any questions below, we would love to help!

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