Which Heroes qualify for loans and their benefits

Heroes San Diego is San Diego’s #1 resource, educational and savings program. We are dedicated to providing education through workshops, webinars and seminars. We help Heroes obtain rebates when buying and selling a home. Qualifying Heroes include Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers. Although the benefits for each hero may vary depending on where they live, and which company they work for, today we are going to dive more in depth on which Heroes qualify for loans and their benefits.



We work with active Military, Reserve, Veterans and retired Military. Our online webinars and seminars are free programs, that heroes can utilize to learn about home buying (or selling) and take advantage of their benefits. Heroes San Diego is here to assist you, and answer the questions you have. Take a look at our blog post on facts about VA loans. You will see a list of benefits that you can utilize with you VA loan. You may learn something you didn’t already know!

One of our favorite benefits for a VA Loan, is that you do not need a downpayment! This is special because most mortgage programs require a 3-5 percent down payment when buying a house.

Firefighters and EMS


Firefighters and EMS are our heroes! Part of how we give back and say ‘thank you’ is by helping our heroes. We want you to be able to purchase a home! Heroes SD offers webinars and seminars to each and every hero we have listed! Check out our rebate program, where everyone who buys a house with us gets a check back. Owner and Founder of Heroes San Diego says in 2020 he was able to give away over $75,000 in Rebates to Heroes to who purchased homes. That’s $75,000 of commission given away, the largest amount given from any Real Estate Broker. Did you know the rebate is tax free?

Firefighters and EMS benefits range depending on where and which company you work for. Your benefits also depend on your needs and where you want to buy as a Firefighter or EMS. You may be able to qualify for extra-low mortgage rates, discounted fees, and even home buying grants.

Law Enforcement

Another hero, are our law enforcement. Did you know that Heroes San Diego is now nationwide? This means, that you do NOT need to be located in San Diego to utilize our services. A great benefit for law enforcement officers is that they can purchase a home for a 50 percent discount off of the listing price. If the home is purchased with a mortgage insured by the FHA, the participant is required to make a down payment of only $100.

Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare workers


There are national home-buying programs for healthcare workers. Heroes San Diego will help you find the best program that you will qualify for. Any health care worker can be eligible, and usually it means no up front fees or application fees, and an easy application process. You may even qualify for a grant or down payment assistance! Certain hospitals have their own neighborhoods of housing offered for a cheaper price than what the area typically sells for. This is also something worth looking into if you are a healthcare worker looking to buy a home!


To promote home ownership, the federal government and certain financial institutions provide incentives to teachers to help them buy their own homes. Educators can obtain down payment assistance, help with closing costs, discounts and other benefits that facilitate home buying.

To sum it up, each Hero has benefits that are definitely worth looking into! Now that you know which heroes qualify for loans and their benefits, you can sign up so we can help you get the home of your dreams! You work hard at your job, and deserve to take the help you can get in order to put it toward your future in a home. We not only offer home buying help, but also selling your home, and more!

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