How you can benefit from Heroes San Diego

Heroes San Diego is San Diego’s number 1 resource, educational and savings program. We provide workshops, seminars and webinars that provide education for heroes in regards to buying or selling a home. With our assistance, we have been able to help many different heroes achieve their goals and the results are outstanding! Heroes include Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare workers and Teachers. Now as a nationwide program, with our heroes educational and savings program, we have expanded into helping our heroes all across America and would like to help you too! Here is how you can benefit from Heroes San Diego.

Webinars and Seminars

You can attend our webinars and seminars in order to learn more, take advantage of our services, and get the help you need to buy a home. During the webinars, we will go through the loan basics and the specific type of loan you can qualify for depending on what type of hero you are. We will also cover all the myths and misconceptions. One of the biggest reasons owner and founder Johnny Perez wanted to open Heroes San Diego, is because he was tired of all the misleading information that was out there. The seminar will also cover the steps in order to get qualified for a loan. Following this, comes the process of finding a home! Heroes San Diego is here to help you from start to finish. Join us every Wednesday at 6pm for our free VA homebuyer webinar.


It’s free!

Many people ask if this program costs anything? The answer is NO! It’s free, and you should definitely take advantage of it. There is absolutely no cost to you and no strings attached! We are here to educate our heroes and guide you in the proper direction so that you make use of your benefits in the right way. Not only this, but then you get to own a home! Heroes San Diego offers nationwide concierge services to all clients looking to buy, sell, relocate, lease, or lease your home when receiving orders or relocating.


Heroes San Diego is now nationwide and offers full time professionals (including weekends) to assist you. Many heroes  have to relocate or have a permanent change of station. This can be a stressful time, where having a team to help you out would make moving run smoother. Heroes SD will assist you in selling your current home, renting out your current home, and/or purchasing in the new town or city that you are relocating to. We are huge on communication and team work. Working well together will mean that the outcome will be efficient and beneficial.



What is the rebate program? Heroes SD rebate gives back on average $2500 per transaction to the hero when purchasing a home. This is our way of giving back and saying thank you for your service and protecting our great Nation. Johnny Perez is an active Real Estate Broker. Mr. Perez gives back a portion of his commission that he receives from selling your home. Surprise! You will receive a special check at the same time you receive your keys.

We help all Heroes

There is a wide variety of heroes amongst us. Teachers, Doctors, Medical staff, EMTs, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Military (active, reserve, & veterans) all count as heroes! If you think you are a hero and not sure what you will qualify for, the first step is reaching out. Sign up for our free webinars or seminars so you can use our resources to answer your questions. Now that you know how you can benefit from Heroes San Diego, come join us!




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