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What is Heroes San Diego? Heroes SD is an educational and savings program where we offer help to Heroes that are buying or selling homes.  We offer many different types of workshops, webinars and seminars catering to each specific hero. Heroes SD is next to you from start to finish, and every step of the way! We will help you purchase your dream home, or sell and relocate! Today we are going to provide a home maintenance checklist from Heroes SD. This way, you can keep the value of your home high, and have better luck selling it when you move.

Our services are now nationwide, which means you can be anywhere throughout the U.S. to utilize this! These services are FREE! Not to mention, Heroes SD grants a rebate. On average, we give back $2500 per transaction to the hero when purchasing a home. This is our way of giving back and saying thank you for your service and protecting our great Nation.

Check the exterior

Inspecting the exterior of the house is an important part of all home maintenance plans. Looking for signs of wear and tear and making the appropriate repairs is key. Check for decay or damage to the trimming around doors and windows. Repaint and repair home siding and trim that has become loose or where paint has begun to peel.


Keep Moisture Under Control

Moisture in the home can result in mold which can cause numerous health problems. In addition, moisture also attracts rodents and insects. To reduce these risks, make any repairs to leaky sinks or pipes as quickly as possible. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to reduce humidity while cooking or showering. In absence of exhaust fans, open windows. Leaking roofs should be repaired as quickly as possible!

Check Windows and Wall

Windows and walls can be a source of health problems if not well maintained. Inspecting and repairing both areas should be a part of a homeowners spring and fall home maintenance checklist. Prevent drafts and excess moisture from entering the home by replacing or repairing any caulking around the home’s doors and windows. If windows are cracked they should be replaced or repaired. The walls in the interior of the home should also be carefully checked for evidence of termites. Check that screens are intact to ensure that certain types of pests are being kept out.

Control Dust

Dust can potentially be a serious health hazard. Not only does it contain the skeletons and feces of dust mites, which cause allergies and aggravate asthma, but it may also carry chemicals that have come off items that have been in the home, such as lead and pesticides. When dusting, use a dampened cloth so that the dust will better adhere to the cloth. Items such as throw rugs should also be routinely washed.

Maintain your roof

Homeowners dread a roof replacement, but maintaining the one you have can increase its lifespan. Taking care of roof issues will also help the heating and cooling systems of the home operate more efficiently, and prevent leaks in the roof that lead to water damage. It’s recommended to have your roof professionally inspected by a roofer twice a year.

Gut the gutters

Gutter maintenance should take place at least twice a year, or as the seasons change. Gutters overflowing with debris won’t do their job, and can lead to much more costly water damage. Check and clean your gutters every spring and fall, clearing away any muck, sealing any leaks, and replacing damaged gutters as needed.

Look for early signs of foundation problems

When the weather warms up, take the time to do a thorough inspection of the exterior foundation of your home. Cracks in the foundation of your home can reduce its value by as much as 15%, and taking care of these issues as you see them will ensure less costly repairs in the future. Large cracks in your foundation should be inspected and addressed by a structural engineer.

Home maintenance can seem like an endless to-do list. This comes over time, and is not something that needs to be done everyday. The key is not waiting until there’s an issue to do something. A little prevention will go a long way when it comes to home maintenance! We hope the home maintenance checklist from Heroes SD was helpful. Don’t forget to sign up for our webinars to access our services!

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