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Heroes San Diego is San Diego’s number 1 resource, educational and savings program. We are dedicated to providing education through workshops, webinars and seminars. We help Heroes obtain rebates when buying and selling a home. Qualifying heroes include Active Military, Reserve, Veterans, Retired Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers. Are you a hero thinking about buying a home? Keep reading to learn about why you should choose Heroes San Diego.

Heroes San Diego has an educational online webinar!

If you are curious about Heroes San Diego and kind of struggling to decide what to do next, signing up for our VA Homebuyer webinar is a great way to begin. The webinars are free, and hosted every Wednesday at 6pm. Firstly, expect to learn about the steps toward buying a home such as qualifying for a loan. Secondly, you will be educated on your specific hero benefits. Lastly, time to buy a home! Most heroes that sign up for our webinars, continue on to purchasing their first home.

Heroes San Diego is Nationwide!

Our resources extend across the United States. Whether you are looking to relocate, buy a new home, buy your first home, or sell your current one… we can help you! Our services operate around the clock. This means that you can always contact us for help, or questions. We want to make the home buying process easy and stress free.

VA Loans

Rebate Program

The rebate program was created by Owner and Founder Johnny Perez. When you buy a home, Mr. Perez gives the hero a percentage of his commission from the sale. This means that you’ll receive a check at the same time you get your keys! The check can be used for many different things, such as paying for taxes, debts, or going toward your new home!

Working with us is EASY!

Have you been told that you won’t qualify for a loan? Well, Heroes San Diego will provide you with nothing but 100% accurate information. It is very important for us to share our knowledge in order to help you with this process. Because of the misinformation that Heroes are given, it can be incredibly discouraging. Most likely, you are definitely able to qualify for a loan. Heroes San Diego will put you on track, and get you your dream home in no time!

Heroes San Diego

If you are wondering what the catch is… well there is none! We simply want to help our heroes and give back to you as a thank you for serving and protecting our country. Leave a comment below to ask any questions, or simply sign up for our weekly webinars!

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