VA benefits on multiple homes

Can you purchase and have multiple homes using your VA loan? The answer is YES! Most people may not be aware of this. Heroes San Diego is here to provide the tools and knowledge to help you utilize your VA loan to its full potential. Unfortunately all too often, our heroes are provided misleading and incorrect information. This is why CEO Johnny Perez founded Heroes San Diego. Today we will be talking about VA benefits on multiple homes. We will feature a retired Military Veteran and now law enforcement couple that purchased their second home using their VA benefits.

VA benefits

You can learn more about your VA benefits for buying and selling homes, through Heroes San Diego! Our webinars and seminars provide you more than enough resources to help you make a life changing decision. Don’t expect yourself to be a master in Real Estate. As a thank you to our Heroes, we would like to help you! From start to finish, our round the clock Nationwide services will be there every step of the way. Click here to learn more about VA benefits. 

Couple purchases second home with VA benefits

A Veteran purchased his first home which was a condo. He lived in this condo for two years and then it became a rental property. He utilized his VA entitlement and the help of Heroes San Diego to purchase a second home. This new house became his primary home for the last 4 years. This Veteran was able to create rental income from his condo and live comfortably in his new home. How great is that?! And for those who didn’t know… yes this is possible!

Help from Heroes San Diego

With the market climbing and the low interest rates, this Veteran decided to call Heroes San Diego and get more information on current market updates to find out how much his home is worth. Heroes San Diego aligned this Hero Family with the Johnny Perez Team and Broker Johnny Perez explained the current market conditions. They made the decision to sell both homes and purchase their forever home. He was unaware that the VA Loan has no loan limits. With the low interest rates, this would allow them to expand their search and keep their monthly payment on budget.
The rental condo sold in one weekend for over asking price and their primary home was listed and sold in a week. This home also sold for $35K over asking price! The veteran was able to cash in his equity and regain his VA loan to use it again for a new home. Many heroes do not realize that you can use your VA loan multiple times. It never expires.
Within a couple of weeks they found their perfect home and their offer was accepted. It beat out all the other offers. They locked in a VA Loan with a low interest rate that was a fixed rate for 30 years. What this means, is that their mortgage payment will never change for the next 30 years unless they refinance. They also received the Hero rebate that helped to pay their closing costs. The hero rebate is a great benefit of working with Heroes SD. Each heroes rebate averages around $2,500 per hero buyer purchase! This money is yours to use! It can help you pay off debt, taxes, and more!

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us anytime! Better yet, sign up for our weekly free VA homebuyer webinar on Wednesdays at 6pm. We will answer all of your questions and get you on the right path to home ownership. Heroes San Diego is now Nationwide. This means that you can be anywhere in the country to utilize our services.
Congratulations to our Heroes for the purchase of their new home! You too, can use your VA benefits on multiple homes! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or check out our YouTube channel to see what we are all about!

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